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Parent Coaching & Classes using the curriculums: Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® & Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun™

Join us and explore this great program that is certain to improve your confidence and skill as a parent!  It is never too late to learn some new ideas to help make “the hardest job on earth” more fun and rewarding!

      • Do your kids argue and whine?
      • Are you tired of nagging and yelling?
      • Do you get locked in to power struggles?
      • Are you wondering what are appropriate consequences for misbehavior?  
      • Are you having fun with your kids or are you often feeling stressed by their behavior?
      • Do you know the powerful messages that different parenting styles send kids?
      • Are you wondering how to raise more responsible, respectful and resourceful children?

          If you are interested in techniques to address these common issues, including what really builds a child's self esteem, then you will love this multi-faceted program.  Best of all, you will laugh with other parents about the crazy things kids do, and you will walk away with new strategies that will strengthen your parenting skills and as well as your relationships with your children. 

          Blueprint Parenting uses Love and Logic's Early Childhood Made Fun™ curriculum and tailors it for parents with children from toddlers to teens.  Strategies taught are nationally recognized as effective with children of all ages, (including adults!).  Class discussions  and examples are tailored to class participants. Love and Logic ® works wonders on strong-willed kids, helps take the stress out of parenting, and ups the odds that the teenage years will be terrific, not terrible.

          Blueprint Parenting offers parenting classes typically as a five week series.  Introductory programs, alumni classes, and individualized parent coaching sessions are also offered.  For parent coaching details, Click Here.

          Professional development and teacher in-service programs for staff working with elementary or pre-school aged children on the essential skills of parenting and teaching are also available.  Please inquire.

          "This class was fantastic!  I 'm not floundering anymore as a parent!"
          - Heather

          Classes are led by Jane Costello of
          Blueprint Parenting, an Independent,
          Love and Logic® Facilitator

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